Zscaler Interview Questions (2022)

Ways to setup forward lookup for Google and facebook in Zscaler & rest should be done via local DNS of company ?

In Zscaler Setting up forward lookup for google and facebook

What is IP Zscaler Use?

Visit ip.zscaler.com on the user’s device to see if the user’s traffic is directed to the Zscaler service. On the My IP Address tab, you may get information about the Zscaler cloud to which the device is sending traffic as well as connections to other connectivity-checking tools.

How do I find my Zscaler IP?

To locate the Virtual IP (VIP) addresses of Zscaler software on your machine.
Go to config.zscaler.com/<Zscaler Cloud Name>/cenr.

What is URL Filtering?

  • URL filtering in Zscaler is a way of “blocking” certain URLs from loading on a company network. If an employee would attempt to visit this URL, either by entering it manually or clicking a link in a search engine, they will be redirected to a page notifying them that this content is blocked.
  • If you have a URL Filtering policy rule that prohibits www.youtube.com but a Cloud App Control policy rule that permits accessing Youtube.
  • Then user will still be able to access Youtube. This is because if a Cloud App Control policy rule permits the transaction, the service does not automatically apply the URL Filtering policy.

Adding a URL Filtering Rule in Zscaler Process & Step?

Please See the step mention on Blog.Click here “https://quicksoftwarereview.com/url-filtering-in-zscaler-2022/

DNS inclusion and exclusion working Overview?

• For a DNS query Zscaler Client Connector checks the domain inclusion/exclusion lists always.
• If the domain is added into inclusion list ,then Zscaler receives the inquiry. The subdomains such as abc.example.com or xyz.example.com will match the domain youtube.com.
• If the domain is excluded,then Zscaler check Z-Tunnel2.0 IP Destination Inclusion/Exclusion lists to take further decision.

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