How to add Source IP Anchoring(SIPA) In Zscaler 2022

What do we learn here?

  1. In this article, I am going to tell you all about this new and impressive option.
  2. We will start with discussing its admin interface.
  3. We will learn How to activate and set up Source IP Anchoring to forward just particular types of traffic handled by Zscaler Internet Access (ZIA) to the intended servers.
  4. ZPA Admin Portal we are using mostly for Source IP Anchoring.
  5. You will learn to create & configure an application segement for which you wanted to do Source IP Anchoring.

Source ip anchoring meaning(SIPA) Overview

Organizations can direct specific traffic processed by ZIA to the internal or external destination servers of their choice by using forwarding policies for Source IP Anchoring. This guarantees that Zscaler secures the traffic and that the organisation picks the originating IP address.

Does Zscaler change IP address?

The update client  program monitors the IP address of your network on a regular basis; if it notices a change, it updates Zscaler with the new IP address.

What is the difference between Zscaler Zia and ZPA?

Zscaler Internet Access (ZIA) connects users to open internet apps, whereas ZPA connects users to an enterprise’s private applications.

Note: You need to route your all traffic to Zscaler. So Zsclaer will block the Bad traffic and Protect the Good\Genuine traffic.

What is the difference between Zscaler Zia and ZPA?
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How to add IP address into SIPA

Go to ZPA Portal.
click on Admistrator Option.
Go to Application Management.
Go to application Segment.
choose the category in which you want to add URL or Ip address.
Let say you select Default web application option.
Then click Edit and Use Add more option.
Then You can add URL or IP address. So they will go Outside world by using SIPA address of Zscaler.

How to add IP address into SIPA
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