Configuring Source IP Anchoring(SIPA) In Zscaler Feb 2023

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Introduction of Source IP Anchoring(SIPA) In Zscaler

As companies continue to move into the cloud environment, they depend on cloud-based security solutions like Zscaler to protect their online traffic. However, some cloud-based web applications or services require pre-registered unique IP addresses, which can pose problems for businesses who use Zscaler. This is the point where Source IP Anchoring (SIPA) is an option.

SIPA is an option that allows businesses to direct the flow of their data handled by Zscaler to either external or internal servers they prefer and still maintain the origin IP address they prefer. With SIPA companies can be in compliance with the restrictions on access imposed by cloud-based applications and web applications, all while making sure their online traffic is protected.

Source IP Anchoring(SIPA) In Zscaler Meaning,General Use

When an enterprise uses Zscaler Internet Access (ZIA) to protect their web traffic, it is possible that they will encounter specific cloud services as well as web-based services which limit access to users based on the origin internet protocol (IP) address used by the user. Access to these apps can only be granted when it originates at an organisation’s pre-registered IP address.
To bypass this issue, some businesses could forward their traffic directly to their destination servers, instead of through Zscaler which creates an insecurity gap. Alternately, they can use Private Service Edge or Virtual Service Edge to get around this problem.

However Forwarding policies are can be used to secure the source IP. Source IP Anchoring is a solution that lets organizations redirect specific traffic handled by ZIA to external or internal destination servers of their choice , while making sure that Zscaler ensures that the traffic is secured and that the origin IP address is the company’s preference.

By following these rules, organizations can regulate the IP address for traffic being routed to destination servers without having to use Zscaler’s security. Zscaler security services. This is accomplished by with the help of Zscaler Private Access (ZPA) App Connectors as well as granular policies set up on ZIA Admin Portal. ZIA Admin Portal.

Does Zscaler change IP address?

Absolutely, Zscaler changes IP addresses often as part of their security service. This ensures that their clients’ online traffic is safe from cyber-attacks and enhances the performance and capacity the service.
For example, when the user connects to a website using Zscaler the IP address the website can see is the one associated with Zscaler’s data center. Zscaler data center the user is connecting to not the IP address of the user. Zscaler makes use of IP masquerading to make sure that the identity of the user is unnoticed by the website. It means that if a website blocks or limits access to users based on their IP address, the user will continue to access the website via Zscaler.

Another instance is the case when Zscaler alters its IP address for the data center because of operations or maintenance issues. When this happens, Zscaler updates its DNS records to reflect the new IP address, ensuring that its customers’ internet traffic continues to be routed through its service without interruption.
Overall, Zscaler’s frequent IP address changes are an essential part of its security and performance strategy, helping to ensure that its customers’ internet traffic remains secure, fast, and reliable.

What is the difference between Zscaler Zia and ZPA?

What is the difference between Zscaler Zia and ZPA?
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Zscaler ZIA (Zero Trust Internet Access) and ZPA (Zscaler Private Access) are two distinct services provided from Zscaler to help companies secure their web traffic. Although both offer security, they serve different objectives and features.

ZIA is a cloud-based security solution which helps users stay safe from cyber threats as they surf the web. It does this by routing the web traffic through Zscaler’s infrastructure, where it’s scrutinized and blocked for malware as well as phishing and other security dangers. ZIA also offers tools like URL filters, SSL inspection, and protection against data loss to ensure that businesses are in that they are in compliance with their security policies.

On the other side, ZPA is a service that allows businesses to offer secure remote access to internal data and applications without connecting them to the internet’s public. With ZPA users are able to securely access the internal resources of their company anywhere and without the need of VPN. ZPA utilizes a zero-trust method to security. This means that it validates the identity and security of the user prior to granting access to the resources requested.

As an example, suppose you’d like to log into the school’s online learning portal from your home. ZIA will help you ensure that the site is secure and free of cyber threats when you visit it. ZPA On its own, will permit you to access your school’s resources internal to it like its database that stores grades and assignments without having to in the campus.

In sum, even though the two Zscaler ZIA and ZPA offer security features, they’re made for different functions. ZIA safeguards online traffic, while ZPA gives secure online access to your internal assets.

Zscaler Zscaler Internet Access (ZIA) allows users access to web-based applications ZPA connects users to private applications. ZPA connects users to company’s private applications.

Be aware that you must redirect all your traffic to Zscaler. This way, Zsclaer will block Bad traffic while protecting the legitimate traffic.

What is the difference between Zscaler Zia and ZPA?
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How to add IP address into SIPA

Visit the ZPA on the Admistrator Option.Go there to Application Management.
Go to the Application Segment.
choose the category that you wish to add a URL or IP address.
Let say you choose the default web application option.
Then Click Edit and select the Use Add more Option.
Then You can add the URL or IP address. They will be able to access the Outside into the world with SIPA address of Zscaler.

How to add IP address into SIPA
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