Does zscaler track user current location?

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Does zscaler track user current location Explanation

In the event that the Zscaler service receives traffic, it determines whether it is from a well-known or unknown area. If the traffic is from a location that is known the service will handle and allows according to the settings for location in the ZIA Admin Portal.

Why is Zscaler Client Connector on my device and does it store my personal information ?

If you use Zscaler to browse the web No personal information is stored or recorded. If you connect to the network of your company or when the Zscaler Client Connector has been enabled the service examines your web traffic for threats.

Your organization may be able to monitor your online browsing habits based on their corporate policies. When you visit the website of your company be sure to adhere to the Terms of Service (TOS).

Does zscaler track user current location?
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What is the primary purpose the Zscaler client connector is?

Zscaler Client Connector is a component of software that lets users safely connect to Internet via Zscaler’s Zscaler secure cloud platform. The primary function for the Zscaler Client Connector is to enable users to connect to the Internet as well as other resources on the network while also enforcing security rules and defending against threats. When a user tries to connect to or access the Internet or other resources on the network The Zscaler Client Connector redirects the traffic to Zscaler cloud platform. Zscaler cloud-based platform that scans the traffic for suspicious activity and makes sure that it is in compliance with security guidelines. This Zscaler Client Connector can be utilized by businesses to protect their Internet connection of employees no matter the location they’re in or the device they are using.

How do you handle the onboarding process for new customers of the Zscaler platform?

The process of onboarding new customers on Zscaler Zscaler platform usually involves a number of steps. This could comprise:

The process of setting up a New account involves establishing an account for the customer on Zscaler. Zscaler platform and giving them login credentials.

Training and documentation: It’s essential to provide new users with documentation and training to assist them in understanding how to utilize this platform as well as its many features. These could include instructional videos, guides for users and other sources.

Setting up security policies: Depending on the requirements of the client it is possible to set up specific security policies that protect against potential threats as well as ensure that they are in compliance with applicable laws. This can be accomplished through using the Zscaler website-based user interface.

Testing and Validation: Prior to moving forward using Zscaler, before launching Zscaler platform it is crucial to validate and test the configuration to make sure that everything is functioning in the way you expect it to. This may include running simulations or testing only a few users.

Support for Go-Live When Zscaler is live and operational, it’s important to provide ongoing support. Zscaler platform is up and running and operational it is essential to offer ongoing support to customers to assist them with any issues that might be encountered and answer any queries they might be able to.

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