CISCO ASA Firewall 40 Interview Questions

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Cisco ASA Firewall is one of the world’s most widely used network security solutions. As an administrator, it’s essential to have a good grasp on this firewall in order to safeguard your network’s safety. That is why it is essential to prepare well for an interview in this field. To assist you, we have compiled a list of 40 interview questions related to Cisco ASA Firewall that will test your knowledge and understanding of this firewall’s features. These questions are intended to test your knowledge and expertise regarding this firewall.

These questions cover a wide variety of topics, from basic configuration to advanced security features. Whether you are an experienced administrator or just starting out in the field, these questions will help prepare you for your next interview and give you the assurance needed for success. By studying these questions and their answers carefully, you will gain a deeper insight into CISCO ASA Firewall functionality and be better equipped to tackle real-world difficulties as a network administrator.

Qestion Set

  1. What is a Firewall?
  2. What Is Default Route Configuration Command In ASA Firewall?
  3. What Is Default TCP Session Timeout?
  4. What Is A Transparent Firewall?
  5. What are the security levels of Cisco ASA?
  6. In which two modes does ASA operate? What makes the two modes different?
  7. What Is Default Security Level For Inside Zone In Asa?
  8. How can I allow packets from lower security levels to be transferred to a higher security level?
  9. How do you allow packets within VLANs/Interfaces at the identical security levels?
  10. What Command to Check NAT Table in Cisco Asa?
  11. Can We Block HTTPS Traffic On Firewall?
  12. Can We Mix Different Models In Clustering I.e. Can 5510 Be Clustered With 5520?
  13. Does ASA allow Server Load Balancing?
  14. Can we use ASA For Web Filtering Like Proxy?
  15. Firewall Works at which layer?
  16. Differentiation between Stateful and Stateless firewalls?
  17. What kind of information does stateful Firewall keep?
  18. Does ASA check ICMP on a regular basis?
  19. What are the timeout settings in the ASA firewalls to protect TCP, UDP and ICMP sessions?
  20. Active FTP is different from. Passive FTP?
  21. Does Cisco ASA support BGP?
  22. What is FWSM? Where can it be used?
  23. The difference in PIX in comparison to ASA?
  24. What command is used by ASA to see connections?
  25. What’s the function in the case of NAT control on Cisco Firewalls?
  26. What are the various types of Contexts in ASA?
  27. What is the difference between checkpoint and ASA?
  28. What are the hardware and program requirements to enable 2. ASA to be configured for high availability?
  29. Define different types of NAT – Dynamic NAT, Static Nat Identity NAT, Static PAT Dynamic PAT, Policies Based Nat?
  30. Which command will trigger the secondary firewalls to make them active firewall?
  31. What is spoofing ? What is anti-spoofing?
  32. Which are the ASA platform series that are being used in the present?
  33. What is DMZ Zone? What exactly is DMZ zone employed to do?
  34. What is DOS and DDOS?
  35. Explain Active/Active failover?
  36. What is the Active/Standby failover?
  37. What are the various types of ACL in firewalls?
  38. Is syn flooding a thing?
  39. What is the difference what is the difference between ACL and ACL on ASA as well as Router?
  40. Do we have loopbacks that we can create on ASA?

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